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Data: 12 Lipiec 2010
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[PC] Airport Tycoon 2 - ENG

[PC] Airport Tycoon 2 - ENG | 64 MB

The sequel to Airport Tycoon lets you manage every aspect of building and operating a full-scale airport in a lush environment. First, you must purchase your land in a variety of cities and begin construction on the world's largest transportation conglomerate, using a hoard of buildings and airplanes. Then, you need to sign airline contracts, prepare for disasters, and create a lucrative airport empire. It's your job to guarantee the satisfaction, safety, and security of your customers with reliable airlines, a well-trained staff, and high-tech extras.
- Sign airline contracts, prepare for devastating disasters and create a lucrative airport empire in multiple scenarios or in "Free Play" mode.
- Experience the excitement of a vibrant airport with take-offs, landings, patrolling police, and tons of other vehicles and planes.
- Choose from 25 cities around the globe including Chicago, London, Moscow and Tokyo. Each location has population and weather unique to those areas.
- A fully 3D world with free camera controls and multiple zoom levels.
- Over 60 buildings including terminals, hangars, fire stations, control towers and more.
- Dozens of objects to place within your terminals including metal detectors, check in desks, monitors and lounges.
- Earthquakes, blizzards and tornados are just a few of the catastrophes waiting to shut you down.
- As your airport thrives, hotels, gas stations, retail shops and restaurants will clamour for a piece of the action.


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