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Data: 2 Lipiec 2010
Kategoria: GRY » Gry na PC

Enemy Engaged: RAH-66 Comanche Versus Ka-52 Hokum

PC game | Publisher:Empire Interactive | 222 MB
Genre:Helicopter Sim

A "sequel" to Apache/Havoc, this game features the RAH-66 Comanche (NATO) vs. the Ka-52 Hokum (Warsaw Pact). Control both the pilot and gunner stations. Multiple reality options let you tune the game to your liking. Improved control options, graphics, gameplay and more. There are three semi-dynamic campaigns set in Lebanon, Yemen, and Taiwan.

Take control of two of the most devastating war machines ever created: American-made RAH-66 Comanche attack helicopter and the Russian-made KA-52 Hokum. Always on the front lines of the most heated battles, this game will deploy you in hot spots and border disputes in Taiwan, Yemen, and Lebanon. This simulator features precise avionics, authentic weaponry, and options for both the grizzled sim veteran and the greenhorn alike. The game is designed to work with Enemy Engaged: Apache Havoc, allowing you to bring the Apache and Havoc gun ships into these missions and vice versa. Enemy Engaged: Comanche Vs. Hokum supports co-op and versus multiplayer sorties for up to 16 players via LAN, Internet, or serial connection.

Installation Instructions:

1. Mount the Image with Dameon Tools (Included in Download).

2. Install Game by running Setup.exe.

3. Extract Patch v1.4.6x to Game directory replacing original exe file.

5. Copy Patch.exe file from crack folder named 'v1.4.6 No-CD Crack' to game
directory and double click Patch.exe to remove CD-Check.

6. If you have XP or Vista go to Game Directory Right Click cohokum.exe click
properties, select compatibility mode for Windows 2000.

7. If Your Firewall says game is attempting to montior user activies when
you start click allow and select remember settings or the game won't
run. Also Allow Internet Access Attempts click remember and allow.
(Don't worry it isn't virus or spyware its joystick and keycommands for
game, and for multi-player).

8. Done!

Enemy Engaged: RAH-66 Comanche Versus Ka-52 Hokum

Enemy Engaged: RAH-66 Comanche Versus Ka-52 Hokum



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