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Data: 1 Lipiec 2010
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[PC] Majesty 2 - The Fantasy Kingdom Sim - Kingmake

[PC] Majesty 2 - The Fantasy Kingdom Sim - Kingmake | 1,3GB Mb

Continuation and development of the best traditions of the great Majesty! The second part of the famous fantasy strategy carefully brings all the key moments of the predecessor of the modern technological level, while maintaining the unique atmosphere and unsurpassed corporate humor Majesty.
Every inhabitant of the world Majesty 2 has a unique appearance and behavior. Heroes can be combined into the party, to build each other intrigues and eventually move to a more prestigious class, and a variety of monsters without hesitation act in accordance with their wishes. King player can vary the degree of personal involvement in what's happening in the state: the control panel handed regulator, which allows to accelerate or slow the course of events. A special system of rewards encourages the player closely monitor subjects and makes the chore of fabulous master the most interesting occupation.
Game features:
Majesty 2 single player campaign consists of four chapters, each of which, in turn, contains a given number of missions, which can take place in any order. Once all missions are complete, the player opens the final story (mission) head, which will have a meeting with one of the "bosses" of the game. Oderzhdav victory over the boss, the player will open for a possible move to the next chapter campaign.
It is planned that the single player campaign Majesty 2 will consist of approximately 16 missions. In addition, the game will be several cards for the "quick game" (ie, the missions are not included in the single-player campaign, those that can be held separately), and a few multiplayer maps.

Majesty 2: Kingmaker
What is the relationship between nightmares Lord Blekvaypera and mysterious glowing in the dark eyes? And who are these little green creatures? Yes, the same ones that poked with spears in the tax collector. Can shamans God Plague compare themselves with the power of the gods? Why there are avatars, and who's to blame? The need to find the answers to these questions is definitely not improve your sleep, but it will give hours of exciting battles with the goblins, who have invaded the land Ardani. And perhaps for the Great King There is a better way to spend the night? And it's not all! Now Your Majesty will be able to create scripts battles of their own taste. Become a true creator Ardani, Sir!

Game features:
Campaign Return Groom Gogh, consisting of eight missions.
Royal editor - a tool for creating scripts.
New enemies ardanskoy crown.


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