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Data: 24 Maj 2010
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Shrek Forever After: The Game (RePack)

Shrek Forever After | PC | 1.78 GB

Shrek was an exemplary family man. He raises three children and completely lost its former military temper. Now no one is afraid of Shrek - farmers are lining up, that he signed them to the fork and return to familiar fakely.Stremyas his life, Shrek makes a deal with a dwarf Rumpelshtiltshenom.
As a result, Shrek finds himself in a parallel reality and recognize that were it not for the light maintenance Shrek - the donkey would haul the cart, the cat has sold his sword, and Rumpelshtiltshen tucked to the kingdom.

As expected on May 20, along with the release of animated film Shrek ever came out and the official game Shrek Forever After: The Game (Shrek forever)

We are waiting for excellent graphics, control and lots of fun. The game will be an opportunity to play for himself Shrek, as well as a cat in boots and donkey, for 11 exciting levels. Fight, fight, jump, run and even fly!

Shrek Forever After: The Game (RePack)

Shrek Forever After: The Game (RePack)

Shrek Forever After: The Game (RePack)

System requirements:
Operating system: Windows Ž XP / Windows Vista
Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo 2.8 GHz or AMD Athlon X2 Dual-Core + 5200
Memory: 1 GB (Windows XP) / 1 GB (Windows Vista)
Hard drive space: 4 gb
Sound device: compatible with DirectX
Video card: compatible with Direct X 9.0c, 256 MB

Year: 2010
Genre: Action / Add-on / RPG / 3D / 1st Person / 3rd Person / Privateer / Trader
Platform: PC
Developer: XPEC Entertainment and Griptonite Games [NDS]
Publisher: Activision

Publication Type: Repack
Author: Panch [o]
Tabletka: Not required
Language: English
Size: 1.78 GB

Features Repack:
Left only ang language
Nothing recoded
starting with the office desk and the Start menu
setting 10 minutes

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