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Zeus: Master of Olympus (2000/PC/RUS)

[B] Name: [/ b] Zeus: Master of Olympus
[B] Genre: [/ b] Strategy
[B] Interface Language: [/ b] Russian
[B] Year: [/ b] 2000
[B] Developer: [/ b] Impressions Games
[B] Publisher: [/ b] Sierra Entertainment
[B] Size: [/ b] 556.17 Mb
[B] Platform: [/ b] PC

In the game you will visit ancient Greece - the country of Hercules and Achilles, Homer and Aesop, Aristotle and Archimedes. You will become the ruler of the policy - the city-state, like the legendary Athens and Sparta, the valiant. You will build temples and to encourage the heroes to grow olives and conquer foreign lands, to fight monsters and make sacrifices to the gods ... The way the ruler is long and difficult, but the reward will be great for the memory of living in the hearts of people. May God protect you Zeus - ruler of Olympus!

[B] Features: [/ b]
- More than 40 episodes. From the labors of Hercules and the Trojan War to the base of Athens and the battle with the Minotaur - praised in verse the events of antiquity will open up in a new light, and moreover, they will be at a direct partibumtararant.
- Myths and legends of Greece. Almighty Gods, the great heroes and terrible monsters can become mortal enemies or loyal allies of the great ruler.
- Completeness of power. Taxes, trade, development of new lands, culture, art, even quarrels with its neighbors - you can directly manage all aspects of urban life.

[B] System Requirements: [/ b]
- Operating system: Windows 95/98/2000/XP/Vista
- Processor: Pentium II 266 MHz
- Memory: 32 MB
- Video: 2 MB memory, 16 bit, 800x600
- Sound controller: compatible with DirectX

Zeus: Master of Olympus (2000/PC/RUS)

Zeus: Master of Olympus (2000/PC/RUS)

Zeus: Master of Olympus (2000/PC/RUS)

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