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X3: Reunion (PC/ENG)

X3: Reunion |PC| 3.3 Gb

This game has become a benchmark in space simulators.
X3 offers the player full freedom of action - a virtual life in the real starry sky, Reconstructed images of NASA. With the development of artificial intelligence game characters become dangerous rivals, both in battles and in trade.
This world is united by a complex network of economic ties, forming an intergalactic trading system that takes into account the ratio of supply and demand in various sectors. To the proper level is implemented and combat of the game: strong physical game engine simulates the subtle nuances of motion koraups in interstellar space. And thanks to a flexible system modifications each ship is truly unique.
Game ŤX3: Reunion 2.0 is published in the latest version - 2.0, which is the undoubted advantage of the opportunity to build their own station, the headquarters of the universe X. Thanks to high-quality translation created with the support of Russia's fanclub X, the game will be available to a greater number of pilots who dream of space exploration.

X3: Reunion (PC/ENG)
X3: Reunion (PC/ENG)

System requirements:
Pentium 4/Athlon XP 1.7 GHz
512 MB of memory
3D-accelerator with 128 MB memory
4.3 GB hard drive
Pentium 4/Athlon XP 2.4 GHz
1 GB
3D-accelerator with 256 MB of memory
4.3 GB hard drive

Name: X3: Reunion v2.0
Genre: Simulation
Release Year: 2006
Platform: Win2000, XP
Language: Eng
Size: 3.3 Gb

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