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Data: 16 Marzec 2010
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Soulbringer |PC| 1.08 Gb

The struggle between good and evil - is eternal. And the pendulum is always inclined in one direction and then in another direction. Unrest began to live in the kingdom of Rathen. There were hordes of vampires, ravaging the countryside, and even entire cities. Is becoming more raids of robbers. The graves and crypts in the light of the sun produce more and more zombies ...
It was at this time and appears in capital red-haired boy in a poor clothes. Fulfill the last will of his father, he comes to town to his uncle. Townspeople shun him - naturally, because in such times, every stranger might be a thief, a bandit, and sometimes not at all man! It has long passed the era of heroes, when Berek Srebrovolosy cast a dark sorcerer, then ruling the world, Rathen combined into a single kingdom and founded the League of Six. Gone are the times and the precursor, the man who destroyed the demon from another dimension, capturing the body Berek. Gone are the days of the three kingdoms, and again people shun strangers ... Do not worry, soon all those who did not want to know the red-haired young man will adore him. After this he fell prostrate, and evil once again bring prosperity Rathen ...


Game features:
Intriguing plot
The logical end to peace
An atmosphere of magic and magic
The original battle system
Ability to apply up to 5 different beats and create their own combinations of blows to each type of weapon
A huge number of objects (artifacts, weapons, armor, books, scrolls, rings, potions)
Variety of enemies (demons, vampires, Gargoyles, and others)
Sculpted balance
Great music and sound

Information about the game:
Title: Soulbringer
Genre: Role-Playing (RPG)
Platform: PC
Developer: Moonpod
Publisher: Infogrames
Language: ENG
Sustem requirements: Pentium 4 RAM: 256 MB Video: 128 MB
All Inclusive
Size: 1.08 Gb

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