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Autor: tanya-j
Data: 13 Marzec 2010
Kategoria: GRY » Gry na PC

Pathologic ( PC/ENG)

Pathologic |PC| 1,15GB

In the depths of the ancient steppe is a small town. Animals, children, governors, the ghosts of the past, young people and the vicious characters of prehistoric fears for several generations inexplicably get along in this cauldron. Meat, blood, leather, from the soil, broke through the stone streets of the city, grows on the other side of the river and a crystal rose blossoms.
Children are happy. Animals in disarray. City intoxicated. People are in fear.
Depending on the player's actions strange city will perish or remain there - for good luck or misfortune. Many characters can be saved, many - is doomed to death. No one can stay in debt. Each pursues his goal. The resulting alignment will determine the final of this story. All together it creates an unparalleled glow and the level of involvement in the creation of action - the game-mystery.

Pathologic ( PC/ENG)
Pathologic ( PC/ENG)

Game features:
-An unusual combination of elements of three-dimensional first-person action games, role-playing and quests.
-A revolutionary approach to the gameplay - it has never been so versatile and multifaceted.
-Clinging to the soul of the plot and carefully crafted inner world of characters defines a line of conduct and options for passing game.
-Beautiful and brutal, like life itself, the game will be a fascinating puzzle for those who are accustomed to rely on your own mind, a shock for those who prefer emotional intelligence and a terrible ordeal for people who rely on force and anger.
-In development using the latest technology of facial animation - package LifeStudio: HEAD from LifeMode Interactive, Corp.

Genre: Action / Adventure / RPG
Released: 2006
Developer: Ice Pick Lodge
Published by: G2 Games
Language (localizer):ENG

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