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Data: 11 Marzec 2010
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Culpa Innata (PC/ENG)

Culpa Innata |PC| 1,54 Gb

Golden Age in the development of mankind. In the first ever World countries with substantial resources together in one World Union. This utopisticheskom society, "survival of the fittest" the next inevitable step.
Only the elite feel worthy to live under the transparency of the World Union - the most intelligent, healthy and wealthy. Leaving altruisticheskie trends that have caused harm to individual development and economic advancement in the past, the World Union declared the unprecedented era of self-interest and fulfillment. Prosperity - science, sex - entertainment, disease and serious crimes do not exist and the future never vygledelo better.

But beneath a perfect world hides ugly truth. And the truth is ready to light.

Citizen of the World Union murdered in Russia, one of the few ostavschihsya zhulikovyh States. This murder oddly coincides with the accident fatalities prominent professor in Adrianopolisu, a large border town between the World Union and Russia. World Officer Phoenix Wallis was appointed to conduct investigation of the murder. While still young and inexperienced, she will soon make discoveries beyond her own wild imagination and Phoenix begin to interest experienced hackers and podravnye characters. It reveals the investigation of enigmatic signs that lead her closer and closer to the mystery challenge not only herself but her very beliefs in the worldview, which she swore to protect.

Join Phoenix in her exciting 3-dimensional adventure. Culpa Innata is welcomed you to the World Union.

Culpa Innata (PC/ENG)
Culpa Innata (PC/ENG)

Twisted plot in the genre of "cyberpunk"
Varied quests: from the dialogues and puzzles to manipulate gadgets
Non-linearity of the game and mnogovariatnost solutions
More than 40 impressive locations for research
The high interactivity environment
Unprecedented credibility animation and models of characters
The original linear plot
The game engine of its own design with lots of dynamic cameras
The classic point-and-click interface
Over 50 characters, animation, each of which is created using patented technology Momentum
Intuitive dialogue system

"I must say, it must be a very interesting game, especially for players who like games with lots of dialogue. As I said, the story is very intriguing and gives reason to think about many things ... "

System requirements:
Windows 2000, XP, Vista
Intel Pentium III 800 MHz, AMD Athlon XP1600 +
512 MB System RAM
128 MB Video Card
DirectX 9.0c
Windows Compatible Sound Card
3.5 Gb free hard drive space
DVD Player

1. Unarchive
2. Burn or mount the image
3. Set game
4. Play using the key (sm.reloaded.nfo (open notepad))
5. pass for Rapidshare: mihal

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