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Data: 1 Marzec 2010
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Simon The Sorceror: Who’d Even Want Contact – PC (2010/ENG)

Simon The Sorceror |PC| 630.36 MB

Magician Simon peacefully dozing in his favorite chair watching television. He dreamed a magical world, seductive beauty, tentacles ... Stop! What are the tentacles? A strange dream interrupted by the insistent knocking at the door. Simon opened. On the threshold stood ... little green men. "Bugs" - thought Simon. Two minutes later "bugs" have dolamyvali his house. Alien invasion has begun!
A whole army of evil green aliens gathered at the gates of the city, brandishing guns and demanding the bloody spectacle. And who will fight them? Personally, Simon? Certainly not! It will help loyal friends, casual companions and former enemies.
Luckless magician in jeans again saves the magic world!

Simon The Sorceror: Who’d Even Want Contact – PC (2010/ENG)
Simon The Sorceror: Who’d Even Want Contact – PC (2010/ENG)

Game features:
Branded "Simons" humor.
Hilarious puzzle involving alien biomass and aggressive rabbit.
The colorful characters from all over the galaxy: a pirate, Jack Cock, the ultra-feminist Red Hat and many others.
The epic adventures on land, underground and in space.
Bonus! Exclusive video of stupid aliens!

Year: 2009
Genre: Adventure / 3D / 3rd Person
Developer: Silver Style Entertainment
Publisher: Snowball Studios
Language: ENG
Size 630.36 MB
Features RePack:
Repacking the original, without cutting.
Removed: DirectX, demos.

Minimum system requirements:
Windows XP SP2
Vista; Pentium IV 2.0 GHz Memory 512 MB
1 GB, Graphics card with 128 MB VRAM compatible with
DirectX 9.0c; Available at Railway 2.5 GB

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