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Fable:The Lost Chapters(ENG/PC)

Fable:The Lost Chapters |PC| 2.16 Gb

Imagine a world where your every action will not remain without consequences and necessarily affect your future destiny. A world where every step you will vary subtly, gradually turning into a valiant warrior, fighting evil ... or in a decrepit mage with black thoughts. The whole world - only a series of tests by which everything will be able to behold your true nature. Be a hero. Be a traitor. Be yourself.

Fable:The Lost Chapters(ENG/PC)
Fable:The Lost Chapters(ENG/PC)

Game features:
Fable: the Lost Chapters - the unique action-RPG with a third-person, brought together many good reviews in the press and the sympathy of millions of players around the world.
A stunning, exciting plot, in which you have to live your whole life: during the passing game your character will pass all stages of maturity - from the little boy to gray-haired old man.
Flexible role system without classes, races and ideologies: the main character is gradually formed in the course of the game, depending on develop skills and actions taken. All changes will be reflected in the external appearance of the hero!
Many additional features and built-in mini-games: fishing, treasure hunting, marriage and subsequent family life, and much more.

Developer: Feral Interactive
Platform: Intel only
Genre: RPG

System requirements:
Processor: 1.6GHz
RAM: 512MB
Graphics: 64MB
Mac OS: 10.4
Hard Disk: 3GB

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