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Shadow Man (1999)

Shadow Man |PC| 550 MB

Uniquely Terrifying 3rd person adventure. Enter the dark world of Mike LeRoi. Voodoo hero. Dead man, Shadow Man.

Shadow Man (1999)
Shadow Man (1999)

Main Features
-Vanquish your enemies, go in armed with voodoo power like the Magnum Desert Eagle! The Violator! The Flamebeau! The Calabash! And many more!
-Unravel the Dark Mysteries More than just another action / adventure. Gather Voodoo artifacts - eyes, ears, nail clippings, necklaces of human teeth and the Govi - in order to solve the mysteries of Deadside.
-Incredibly Realistic Human Motion Astonishing and fluid range of motion - fight with either hand.
-Hunt Villains across Two Worlds Travel between two worlds -- Liveside and Deadside. Hunt villains in the Louisiana Bayou, New York ghettoes, a Texas Prison, the London Underground, and the Asylum.
-Deep Storyline and Dark Thrills Over 40 cut scenes and hours of in-game speech move you through Shadow Mans complex history and guide you in this dark psychological thriller.
-Fight an evil horde of demonic enemies and their minions -- bent on mass destruction.

Minimum PC Requirements
166 MHz Pentium without acceleration (133 MHz Pentium with Direct3D compatible 3-D accelerator card)
350MB Hard Disk Space

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