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DiRT 3: Complete Edition (2012/ENG/Repack by RG UniGamers)

DiRT 3: Complete Edition (2012/ENG/Repack by RG UniGamers)
Year: 2012 | PC | English | Developer: Codemasters | Publisher: Take-Two Interactive | 4 Gb
Genre: Arcade / Racing (Cars) / 3D

In DiRT3 was originally presented more cars, territories, routes and events than in previous games. More than fifty of the best rally cars, racing for the last fifty years, twice as many tracks than in the 2009 edition, the competition for every taste, ratings, awards and achievements - from DiRT3 everyone can become a true professional virtual rally and make a brilliant racing career. Now it's time for a complete edition of this remarkable game, awarded recognition by users and critics around the world.

ŤDiRT3: Complete Edition", has absorbed all published supplements, includes 12 additional routes to two new gaming areas, 13 vehicles and more than 50 colors for them.
PartiCENZURAte in the freestyle mode "Dzhimhana" take part in the rally, test your driving skills in a rally-cross, entered the competition with virtual opponents, on the other drivers on the network or on a split screen. Conquer the most difficult routes in Finland, Monaco, Tokyo. Snow, rain, mud - be prepared for any weather surprises during the day and night!
Tested on Repak: Windows 7 (X32) v Windows 7 (X64) v

It's important! Installation Notes:
1) Run the file ProfileImport.exe (once), it lies in the game folder measles. This will create five empty profiles for the save. If you already have conservation, the desire to make a backup of (X: \ Documents \ My Games \ DiRT3 \ savegame \)
2) Block access to the Internet game in the firewall
3) Run the game, enter the local profile GFWL, select any of the five empty profiles for save

Features Repack'a:
Features Complete Edition
Repak is based on Lizenzii of Take-Two Interactive
Cut all languages ??except English
Do not recoded
Game Version: v1.0
Sewn on crack Beeches
Given the choice of language when installing the game (English or Eng.)
Installation time ~ 10 minutes
To install you will need 512 MB ??of RAM
Repak Group: RG UniGamers
Author repack: Temaxa

System requirements:
"Operating system: Windows XP / Vista / 7
"Processor: AMD Phenom II or Intel Core i7
"Memory: at least 1 GB for XP / 2GB for Windows Vista and Windows
"Hard diske: 12 GB
"Sound Card: Sound Card compatible with DirectX 9.0
ťVideo: AMD Radeon HD 2000 256 MB / Geforce 8000 Series 256 MB
DiRT 3: Complete Edition (2012/ENG/Repack by RG UniGamers)
DiRT 3: Complete Edition (2012/ENG/Repack by RG UniGamers)

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