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Killing Floor (2010/MULTI2/RePack by R.G.UniGamers)

Killing Floor (2010/MULTI2/RePack by R.G.UniGamers)
PC | ENG/RUS | Developer: Tripwire Interactive | Published by: Tripwire Interactive | 2010 | 3.63 GB
Genre: Action (Shooter) / 3D / 1st Person

Britain is plunged into chaos. As a result of a failed experiment in the creation and cloning of "super-soldiers," the streets of cities and suburbs flooded armed and extremely dangerous monsters. The army and police in a hurry to join forces to fight mutants, which pose a serious threat to national security.

• The team shooter for six players: a group to fight an incredible amount of c mutants.
• System improvements, allowing the use of the online achievements to improve the skills of the hero.
• The deceleration time ZEDtime, presented in multiplayer allows you to watch some game aspects in detail.
• Nine types of monsters, from undead, wielding his teeth and fists, to the bosses, armed with chainsaws, machine guns and grenade launchers.
• all kinds of weapons, including flamethrowers, assault rifles, axes, machetes, guns and even a grenade launcher.
• Single-player off-line.
• Supports all features Steam and Steamworks.
• Kit to create new levels and mods that can be downloaded by connecting to Steam.

System requirements:
• Operating system: Windows 2000/XP/Vista
• Processor: 1.2 GHZ or better
• Memory: 512 MB
• Video: 64 MB compatible with DX9
• Sound Card: Sound device compatible with DirectX Ž 9.0
• Free space on hard disk: 2 GB
Killing Floor (2010/RUS/ENG/RePack by RGUniGamers)

Features RePacka:
• Do not cut \ Do not recoded
• The ability to select a language game and voice: Only Russian or English Only
• 1032 version of the game
• Sewn MapPack (card set)
• Presence of all the DLC at the moment
• Changes the nick through a program of Nick Changer
• Installation time ~ 16 minutes
• For installation, you need 512 MB of RAM
• RePack by R.G.UniGamers

It is important to:
• The nickname must not be Russian letters, players with Russian letters in the nickname will throw from the servers!
• To connect to the server, press "~" to open the console and there is open and list the IP of the server.
Killing Floor (2010/MULTI2/RePack by R.G.UniGamers)
Killing Floor (2010/MULTI2/RePack by R.G.UniGamers)
Killing Floor (2010/MULTI2/RePack by R.G.UniGamers)

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