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Autor: viip
Data: 3 Grudzień 2011
Kategoria: GRY » Gry na PC

Freedom Force (2002/PC/RUS)

Tactical strategy with an active pause in which the group of superheroes struggles with the various super-villains menacing to a simple American city of 50th years. Superheroes, as well as it is necessary to superheroes, carry öâĺňŕńňűĺ suits, masks and possess various superabilities (from hypnosis to ability to amaze enemies microwave radiation and to fly over roofs of houses). Except superabilities, superheroes quite can tear out as required a lamppost and drive away villains with its help or seize the car and throw it in importunate ńóďîńňŕňŕ. Game process is flavoured pleasant 3Ä by a drawing raised by interactivity (it is possible to destroy or use almost all objects on a card) and cheerful pathos ńĺđĺáđ˙ííîăî centuries of comics.

Features đĺďŕęŕ:
- Nothing âűđĺçŕíî|íĺ it is recoded
- Version-1.3
- The author - GhostTroll

System requirements:
- An operating system: XP|Vista|7
- The processor: Pentium III 450 MHz
- Operative memory: 128 Mb
- A video card: the 3D-accelerator about 32 Mb of memory
- The sound device: Compatible with DirectX
- A place on a hard disk: 600 Mb

The Name: Freedom Force
Genres: RPG
Interface Language: Russian
Year of release: 2002
The Developer: Irrational Games
The Publisher: Electronic Arts
The Size of a file: 476.61 Mb
The Tablet: it is not required
The Platform: PC

Freedom Force (2002/PC/RUS)Freedom Force (2002/PC/RUS)Freedom Force (2002/PC/RUS)

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