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SWAT 3: Close Quarters Battle (1999/PC/RUS)

This game will allow you to feel the officer of antiterrorist division of police of Los Angeles and closely to familiarise with all burdens of service. Under your command - group of professionals, your problem - to neutralise terrorists and to release hostages. Only nerves of steel and a competent management of the fighters will help you to rescue people and to reward criminals according to the deserts.

Features of game:
-Mnooobrazie the weapon
- Real fighting problems of group SWAT
- The co-ordinated actions of workmates-AI

1) to Mount an image by means of Demon tools or Alcohol
2) to Establish
3) After start to enter a key from a file Ęëţ÷.txt
4) to Play

System requirements:
-Microsoft Windows 95/98
-Pentium 233 MHz, 32 Mb RAM
-550Mb Hard Disk Space
-800x600 SVGA High Color Monitor
-4 Mb Video Card
-DirectX 7

The Name: SWAT 3: Close Quarters Battle
Genres: Tactical shooter
Interface Language: Russian
Year of release: 1999
The Developer: Sierra Northwest
The Publisher: Sierra Entertainment
The Size of a file: 630.15 Mb
The Tablet: Ęëţ÷.txt
The Platform: PC

SWAT 3: Close Quarters Battle (1999/PC/RUS)SWAT 3: Close Quarters Battle (1999/PC/RUS)SWAT 3: Close Quarters Battle (1999/PC/RUS)

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