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Autor: viip
Data: 5 Wrzesień 2011
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Discworld 2: Missing Presumed (1996/PC/RUS)

Continuation of a remarkable quest about adventures of wizard-half-educated person Rinsvinda living in the Flat World (about elephants, and a turtle you already know whales, whether not so?).

This time Death has solved (in world Discworld at Death there is a floor) to take vacation. As a result, plainly die can nobody, and the city of Ank of Morpork which and resembled before a smelling sweet rose a little, was filled with a stench of live dead persons.

Đčíńâčíä (and its faithful companion the Chest from a pear reasonable) are sent to return Death in the Flat World.

Features of game:
- The charming Universe of the flat world
- A fascinating plot and a literary part
- Now in Russian

System requirements:
- 486DX4 66 MHz CPU,
- 16 MB RAM,
- 1,2Gb HD space
- 256 colour SVGA display

The Name: Discworld 2: Missing Presumed
Genres: adventure
Interface Language: Russian
Year of release: 1996
The Developer: Perfect Entertainment
The Publisher: Psygnosis
The Size of a file: 805.5 Mb
The Tablet: it is not required
The Platform: PC

Discworld 2: Missing Presumed (1996/PC/RUS)Discworld 2: Missing Presumed (1996/PC/RUS)Discworld 2: Missing Presumed (1996/PC/RUS)

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