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Autor: viip
Data: 1 Wrzesień 2011
Kategoria: GRY » Gry na PC

Hateful Chris: Never Say Buy (2001/PC/RUS)

The certain faceless devil corporation which is letting out world famous Entertaining Programs, has gone too far! In connection with Spiteful Chris's refusal to partiCENZURAte in its ratings, the company specially for the reference of mistrustful consumers has created the newest pseudo-cynical automatic machine - Terrible Danu. Vile tricks of this poor robot have made Chris the present neurasthenic...

Really all these troubles will lead Chris to depression, drunkenness, a narcotism and calls to old girl-friends in 3 o'clock in the morning? No! Its boiling reason indignant has demanded fresh blood and destructions! Your purpose - to break rage on everything, since đîęĺđîâ and finishing đĺéâĺđŕěč, from decrepit old women to supermodels. Spiteful Chris lets know to a native city that the person feels in its situation. To begin with it manages a hammer and a stick with a nail, but whether it will suffice to shake foundations of national culture?

In the beginning of game to you it is given only two minutes, gang of unfortunate victims and ten bones. Each five seconds you lose one bone: when they will end, you will go on heavens (do not ask, why: on idea, you should go in an opposite direction, but agree that the small skeleton with wings and a nimbus is looks cool). Drink poison to return bones; if to kill people is too helps. If after time you still have killed nobody, you have lost. If you fill up all even before time expiration, you will dance small dance and will pass to the following level. Has understood? Forward against a large quantity ňóďîăîëîâűő: Đîęĺđ 80th years, the hot girl, the high-ranking official, the quick guy, white shit, the grandmother, the moron from suburb, people from a bar and many other things.

Game features:
- More than 30 types of weapon which can be found, bought or to take away.
- Special movements, ďđčęŕí÷čâŕţůčĺ almost killed victim.
- The huge world executed in style by all of favourite comics.
- Over 30 unique bosses who should be won.
- Set of the subjects restoring force and other parametres.
- Set of extraneous subjects which can be destroyed.
- Possibility to keep and load game in any place convenient for the player.

System requirements: Pentium 1.7 Mhz the RAM: 256 MB the Video card: 128 MB

The Name: Hateful Chris: Never Say Buy
Genres: Arcade (Platform)
Interface Language: Russian
Year of release: 2001
The Developer: Brainchild Studios
The Publisher: Furious Entertainment
The Size of a file: 511.78 Mb
The Tablet: it is not required
The Platform: PC

Hateful Chris: Never Say Buy (2001/PC/RUS)Hateful Chris: Never Say Buy (2001/PC/RUS)Hateful Chris: Never Say Buy (2001/PC/RUS)

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