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Data: 29 Sierpień 2011
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Technomage: Return of Eternity (2000/PC/RUS)

There lived-were in the earth Gotos two people — Steamers and Drimery. And not that they the friend to the friend hated that, to such extreme measures of their relation had not time to grow. But the permanent feeling of mutual hostility because of what pride representatives of each of the people avoided strangers remained and tried to keep cleanliness of the numbers. Division has occurred not only in the field of human contacts, but also in habits and customs. Äđčěĺđű first of all rely on magic and ďîňóńňîđîííčĺ forces, completely neglecting progress achievements. Modern technologies, on the contrary, are close to steamers, they look down on the backward opponents. So the silent opposition of two people supported with separate residing also proceeded. Yes here an ill luck, there lived tribes in the next villages, and there as ňóćüń˙, but contacts of different sense not to avoid. As the natural result, on light has appeared the hero of our narration Melvin by nickname Technomage. Its father occurs from a tribe of Steamers, mother on the other hand. Because of a doubtful origin of Melvina to which has only just knocked 20, equally despise in both villages, everywhere considering for a stranger. Is in its position and the benefit: from ancestors he has inherited the qualities inherent in each people. However, the fellow not so ńâĺäóů in magic as absolute Drimer, but will arrange any of them as regards technical sharpness.
Despite problems with a drawing, non-standard mixture of the German manufacture quite is worthy of it to stand out thirsting and the sufferer, as effective means from morbid depression attacks. The fascinating multiplane plot, carefully equipped levels, not dull gameplay — here only the basic advantages TM. Having added to a heap magnificent animation inserts and a class postscoring, we receive extremely čăđŕáĺëüíűé a product. For őŕđäęîđíűő RPG-shnikov or ŕäâĺíňţđčńňîâ the seventh day ŇĚ is not recommended, first of all, owing to low level of complexity. Well, whether happens medicines without by-effects much?

System requirements:
- An operating system: WindowsŽ 95 / 98 / ME / XP / 7
- The processor: Intel Pentium II 300 MHz
- Operative memory: 64 Mb
- A video card: 8 Mb
- A sound card: the Sound device compatible with DirectXŽ
- An empty seat on a hard disk: 900 Mb

The Name: Technomage: Return of Eternity
Genres: RPG
Interface Language: Russian
Year of release: 2000
The Developer: Sunflowers Interactive
The Publisher: Sunflowers Interactive
The Size of a file: 655.52 Mb
The Tablet: it is not required
The Platform: PC

Technomage: Return of Eternity (2000/PC/RUS)Technomage: Return of Eternity (2000/PC/RUS)Technomage: Return of Eternity (2000/PC/RUS)

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