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Data: 29 Sierpień 2011
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Discworld Noir (1999/PC/RUS)

You the fan of quests «Discworld» and «Discworld II: Missing Presumed …!?»? You rub damp palms in an antiCENZURAtion to play throughout these games? In vain. Continuations are not present, and in the near future it is not planned, for now you with its unreasonable optimism wait, can play in game «Discworld Noir», made the same «Perfect Entertainment», on same Terri Pratchettu.
The quest «Discworld Noir», is executed in style «a black film» (ôđ. film noir). The term «a black film» or «a film íóŕđ» has been entered by the French critics in 1946 for a designation of the style which has got popularity in the American cinema in the mid-forties. For it the criminal plot, gloomy atmosphere cynical ôŕňŕëčçěŕ and pessimism, side deleting between the hero and the antihero, relative realness of action, dark illumination of scenes, as a rule, night, and considerable degree of a misogyny are characteristic.
«Discworld Noir» almost completely corresponds to the name and atmosphere of books of Terri Pratchetta. The gloomy detective, conducts investigation, in not less gloomy city of "Ank Morpork" located in «the Flat World».

System requirements:
- System: Windows 98/XP
- The processor: Pentium 166 Mhz
- Memory: 32 Mb
- A video-card: DirectX 6.0-compatible
- An audio-card: DirectX 6.0-compatible
- A hard disk: 650 Mb

The Name: Discworld Noir
Genres: Adventure
Interface Language: Russian
Year of release: 1999
The Developer: Perfect Entertainment
The Publisher: GT Interactive
The Size of a file: 1.01 Gb
The Tablet: it is not required
The Platform: PC

Discworld Noir (1999/PC/RUS)Discworld Noir (1999/PC/RUS)Discworld Noir (1999/PC/RUS)

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