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Data: 26 Sierpień 2011
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Venom. Codename: Outbreak (2001/PC/Repack/RUS)

Game events, transfer us to 2034 when the Earth hardly was not lost from collision with a comet and hundred meteorites which a fiery rain have fallen upon a surface, bearing death and destructions. Together with meteorites to the Earth disputes of the alien form of life which in terrestrial conditions have started to develop quickly have been brought. The player should operate group from 2 persons of a special purpose, to execute 14 intense and dangerous missions on the objects grasped by strangers, to rescue the survived people, spending diversions, preventing start of the nuclear weapon, extracting the important information, samples and many other things. The high artificial intelligence of enemies will not give for a minute to you will relax and keeps you in suspense throughout all game.

Features of game:
- Original single player - the player operates group from two soldiers that opens unlimited open space for tactical actions.
- A dynamical plot and game atmosphere.
- Highly detailed levels combine both the closed spaces, and huge open spaces.
- Possibility to type members of group between missions and also to select it ammunition.
- Each soldier, which player can take to itself in a command, is characterised by a set of parametres which define specialisation of this soldier. In the course of game passage, parametres of soldiers increase.
- In game algorithms of virtual hearing and sight of computer opponents thanks to which it was possible to achieve realistic behaviour and proper response of computer opponents to actions of the player are realised.
- Realistic characteristics of the weapon.
- Game possibility on a network to 16 persons and through the Internet.

Features đĺďŕęŕ:
- It is cut out íĺăĺéěďëĺéíîĺ video
- It is recoded nothing
- The game version: 1.2
- An approximate installation time: 1 minute
- The author: MOP030B

System requirements: 266 MHz of the CENTRAL PROCESSING UNIT, 256 MB of the RAM, 32 MB of video memory

The Name: Venom. Codename: Outbreak
Genres: Action (Shooter)
Interface Language: Russian
Year of release: 2001
The Developer: GSC Game World
The Publisher: Virgin Interactive Entertainment
The Size of a file: 374.79 Mb
The Tablet: it is not required
The Platform: PC

Venom. Codename: Outbreak (2001/PC/Repack/RUS)Venom. Codename: Outbreak (2001/PC/Repack/RUS)Venom. Codename: Outbreak (2001/PC/Repack/RUS)

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