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Data: 21 Sierpień 2011
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America: No Peace Beyond the Line (2001/PC/RUS)

Indians, Mexicans, settlers — all of them consider America as the native land. Each of them dreams of an absolute power on young continent. How to be? To whom to help? You can answer this question only!
Magnificent strategy, the lineal descendant "Age of Empires 2", will give the chance to you ďĺđĺęđîčňü the American history on the taste. But, in comparison with the predecessor at "America" it is a lot of innovations. Each grouping has the unique possibilities. At Indians shamans conjure, Mexicans steal gold, and idlers gangsters drive moonshine and sell it in saloons. Fighting units in game have the personal characteristics, behave very reasonably and can battle as on horses, and having dismounted. One more important advantage — the fine drawing. Volume district, realistic shades, change of weather and time of days — a fine background for historical battles! So, if you are to be revenged for Indians or to help Mexicans with their struggle — without problems! The future of America in your hands!!!

system requirements: Pentium II 600 MHz

The Name: America: No Peace Beyond the Line
Genres: Strategy
Interface Language: Russian
Year of release: 2001
the Developer: Related Designs
the Publisher: Data Becker
the Size of a file: 373.73 Mb

America: No Peace Beyond the Line (2001/PC/RUS)America: No Peace Beyond the Line (2001/PC/RUS)America: No Peace Beyond the Line (2001/PC/RUS)

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