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Drakan: Order of the Flame (1999/PC/RUS)

In general this game is history about some piece from life Rynn - the young girl which village was attacked by any "creatures" from a fantastic epoch and have withdrawn her brother. Well and throughout all game you carry out the sea of tasks-adventures for the sake of his rescue. It is necessary to reach to reach the end and to fill up as usual "the main enemy of all people".

Rather quite good drawing and the main feature is work in a sense "in steam" with ôýíňýçčéíűě Drakonchikom - Arokh'îě, as a result: nazemno-air fights with a heap various ěîíńňđčęîâ, knights and other creatures.

The weapon mostly the cold: Various swords though there is an onions, plus some kinds of arrows and some "magic" attacks.

In a mode of a multiplayer from the beginning there were 3 scenarios - Ground, Air, QOD, then "have added" CTF and have built enough äóýëüíűő ý... âîîáůĺě something like "levels" though from this name already is serious differences - more likely cards.

Ground - the most popular scenario despite the main idea of a toy (well he is pleasant to the people - there's nothing to be done) - land fights than has got (usually that in is in the original version, yes plus some kinds of special swords for MP "firm".

Air - in a greater degree air fights of Drakonchikami (but nobody forbids to sit down on the earth - though it gradually passes in the category of "technological" movement typer'îâ) - usually 4 types of the weapon + 4 ńďĺöŕňňŕęč (that as in đĺňŕéëîâîé "versions though also there are some operating time"ńŕěîäĺëüůčęîâ"if also not so effective so though cool, for example" Unusual abilities ").

QOD - one Drakonchik on all - who was in time, at that and advantage (but too relative) though already there are variants to 4-5 Drakonchikov at level - small group it is possible to have at everyone "" - a certain variant "multidragon".

the Instruction on installation:
- For game start under XP:
- Two times it is clicked on drakan.exe and at once we press shift;
- If all have made correctly the window of options if too have late pressed shift will open - game will be started;
- In the opened window âűáčđĺě tab Developer, we mark point Enable Developer Mode and we start game;
- we Press New Game, we choose level Ruined Village, we remain after a roller;
-Developer Mode is necessary to begin only the new game, the kept games can be loaded without him;

System requirements: Windows95/98, iPentium 500 + GeForce / Radeon, 64ěá operative memory.

The Name: Drakan: Order of the Flame
Genres: Action, Adventure
Interface Language: Russian + English
Year of release: 1999
the Developer: Surreal Software
the Publisher: Psygnosis
the Size of a file: 131.96 Mb

Drakan: Order of the Flame (1999/PC/RUS)Drakan: Order of the Flame (1999/PC/RUS)Drakan: Order of the Flame (1999/PC/RUS)

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