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Autor: matti93
Data: 16 Sierpień 2011
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Trauma (2011/ENG/Mac OS)

Trauma (2011/ENG/Mac OS)
Year:2011 | Mac OS | English | Developer: Krystian Majewski | Publisher: Krystian Majewski | 384 MB
Genre: Adventure / Quest
TRAUMA tells the story of a girl, survived a car crash. While in hospital, she travels through dreams, which shed light on various aspects of her personality and past, and with these dreams trying to survive the death of their parents. The game will go through all of this on-line, made in the spirit of the classic point-and-click quest.

This was done and checked on:
• MacBook Pro 2,4 / 4Gb/GF8600M GT
• OS X 10.6.8
• XQuartz 2.6.2
• WineSkin 1.3.23

• Owners of ATI video card and built-in: I am nothing to verify it works.
• About Leo, Lev, Lyovushka, lion, 10.7, and so forth BETTER NOT EVEN ASK!

Trauma (2011/ENG/Mac OS)

Artykuł edytował: Infiniti - 5 Lipiec 2017

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