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Autor: viip
Data: 1 Sierpień 2011
Kategoria: GRY » Gry na PC

The Ward (2000/PC/RUS)

On a joint of millenia to mankind one more problem is thrown. And to solve it it is necessary to you — to the former commander of spaceship "Apollo-19" David Walker, nowadays — to the prisoner of intergalactic prison.
You with companions easy carried out the flight, on a course observing of seismic activity of the invisible party of the Moon, but suddenly your ship was attacked by unidentified flying object, has destroyed all command and has grasped you, the only thing survived, in a captivity.

Now you the captive of another's world, another's will and another's purposes. First of all you need to escape from strange military base of aliens … While you yet don't know, what tests for you were prepared by destiny what exactly you should find and from what particularly you should rescue mankind.

Consider also that your occurrence has brought contention in relations between two číîďëŕíĺňíűěč races, and on military base where you held, has arisen çŕâŕđóřęŕ. Not palatable this business — to make the way on the cooled down corpses of newcomers on will...

Straying on another's world, it is necessary for you to find out your problem and to extract the means necessary for her achievement, such, as quite tangible holographic mask-suit or an implant-compiler of speech of "strangers", or non-material, like superhuman abilities to telepathy. Only central computer of base (naturally, allocated with reason), in other cases - unknown beings which will inform you the necessary data for the decision of the numerous riddles arising on your way will be unique your friend in certain cases. Listen to their words — wisdom in them is more senior, than the Universe.

You don't know, what for to you life is left, but it is necessary for you to learn and take it a situation in hand. You will be at first the fugitive which unique problem — to leave a dungeon, then — a detective pursuing space criminals, and, at last, "tough nut" which should prevent accident on the Earth. The problem is especially difficult, as the people allocated with much more refined and ancient intelligence resist to you and to collect together all parts of the puzzle thrown by them, you should spend at the computer practically eternity... But Ťlast call of the ancient peopleť that costs!

Dop. The information: - adventure game in íŕďđ˙ćĺííĺéřĺě a rhythm
- three episodes: the player consistently acts in a role pursued, the persecutor and the saboteur
- to the player resist not only spiteful "another's", but also indispensable space whirlwinds, gravitation and radiation

- to be protected from unknown misfortunes strange subjects will help: a holographic mask-suit, an implant-compiler of speech of "strangers", and superhuman abilities to telepathy and a parcel of messages to aliens
- in conditions when around one enemies, the computer
- full translation into Russian, a professional sound

System requirements becomes your unique friend sometimes only:
-Windows 95/98/XP
- Processor Pentium 133
- the RAM 32Ěá
- Video adapter SVGA
-130 Má on a hard disk
-8x CD-ROM drive

The Name: The Ward
Genres: Adventure
Interface Language: RUSSIAN
Year of release: 2000
the Developer: Fragile Bits
the Publisher: On Deck Interactive
the Size of a file: 1.15 Gb
the Platform: PC

The Ward (2000/PC/RUS)The Ward (2000/PC/RUS)The Ward (2000/PC/RUS)

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