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Mirrors.Edge  (PC/EN/RELOADED)

Mirrors.Edge (PC/EN/RELOADED)
Genre: First-Person Action Adventure | Platform: PC | Language: EN | Developer: DICE Sweden (Digital Illusions) | Publisher: Electronic Arts | 6.26 Gb

Mirror’s Edge introduces players to Faith, a “runner” in a world where communication channels are highly monitored and the movement of human traffic is closely watched. When Faith’s sister gets framed for a murder she did not commit, Faith finds herself on the edge of the city, on the wrong side of the law.

Mirror’s Edge delivers players straight into the shoes of this modern day heroine as she traverses the vertigo-inducing cityscape, engaging in intense combat, fast-paced chases and challenging puzzles. With a never-before-seen sense of movement and perspective, players are drawn into Faith’s world.


Mirrors.Edge  (PC/EN/RELOADED)

Game Features:
* Move yourself: String together an amazing arsenal of wall-runs, leaps, vaults and greater degree of, in fluid, acrobatic movements that turns every level of the urban environment to your favorable opportunity and salvation
* Immerse yourself: In first person every breath, every clash, every impact is acutely felt. Heights create real vertigo, movements run naturally, collisions and bullet impacts create genuine fear and adrenaline
* Challenge yourself: Fight or flight. Your speed and agility allow you not only to evade, take by force and perform daring escapes, but also to disable and disarm indiscreet opponents, in a mix of chase, puzzles, strategy and intense contest
* Free Yourself: Runner vision allows you to see the city being of the kind which they do. See the flow. Rooftops become pathways and conduits, opportunities and evade routes. The flow is what keeps you running – what keeps you quick

System requirements:
Operating system: Windows XP SP2/Vista
Processor: Pentium IV 2.4 GHz Core Duo or equivalent
Memory: 1 GB
Video card: GeForce 6800 and higher or ATI X1650 (or HD2400) with 256 MB of memory
Sound: DirectX 9.0c compatible
DirectX 9.0c
Keyboard, Mouse

Mirrors.Edge (PC/EN/RELOADED)

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