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Data: 9 Lipiec 2011
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Cuban Missile Crisis: The Aftermath (PC/ENG/2005)

PC | Publisher: Strategy First | Developer: G5 Software | 1.42 Gb Genre: Historic Real-Time Strategy

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Cuban Missile Crisis: The Aftermath is a real-time strategy game inspired by 1962aˆ™s escalating conflict between the USA and USSR, where Soviet nuclear missile installations were found on the island of Cuba. Yet the game views the events through a revisionist lens, exploring a "what if" scenario of nuclear war between the two superpowers. The world is now a wasteland of radioactive zones with the remaining countries battling for resources, influence, and survival. Four different sides are available to play as or against, including China, USSR, the American-British alliance, and the French-German alliance. The game adopts the graphics engine used in 2003aˆ™s Blitzkrieg as players make turn-based tactical decisions from a global map before carrying out the conflict in real time from an isometric viewpoint high above the terrain. As players command helicopters, rockets, ground troops, and other forces of the revised time period, they must keep a watchful eye on hazardous contamination zones that can adversely affect both equipment and soldiers. Features: * Relive and rewrite one of world history's tensest moments * Play as American and British Alliance, USSR, French and German Alliance, and China * Command your troops in real time though dozens of missions covering four challenging campaigns
Cuban Missile Crisis: The Aftermath (PC/ENG/2005)

Cuban Missile Crisis: The Aftermath (PC/ENG/2005)

System Requirements Minimum:
System: Pentium III 700 MHz or equivalent
RAM: 256 MB Video Memory: 32 MB Hard
Drive Space: 2500 MB
Other: 3D-video card and 800x600 Monitor

System: Pentium IV 1.8 GHz or equivalent
RAM: 512 MB Video
Memory: 64 MB Hard Drive
Space: 2500 MB

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