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Data: 14 Kwiecień 2011
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The Rockin Dead (2011/DE)

The Rockin Dead (2011/DE)
Year: 2011 | English | PC Game | Developer: Grasland Production | Publisher: bitComposer Games | 3.25 GB
Genre: Adventure / 3D / 3rd Person

Three-dimensional technology to actively seize the entertainment. Playing " The Rockin 'Dead "takes all the new technologies on the note and creates a first adventure in a three-dimensional image. The game's plot revolves around a rock - a group that tries to establish his own career. In an attempt to make this group more often visited by corporate and private parties. When he entered the regular work order, the guys without hesitation took for her. But during their journey to the destination bus with a group got into an accident. The heroine of the game on behalf of Alyssa woke up and saw that he was in an unfamiliar world. Group disappeared, and around one skeletal and suspense ...
* Great game in the genre of adventure
* Colorful locations, fascinating story
* The world's first quest with 3D images

System requirements:
-System: Windows XP/Vista/Win7
Processor: Pentium IV / 2,6 GHz
Memory: 2 GB
-Video Card: 4 MB DirectX compatible video card
Audio-card: compatible with Direct X 9.0c

Installation instructions:
1) Unzip
2) Mount image
3) Play


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