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Autor: vova-most
Data: 6 Kwiecień 2011
Kategoria: GRY » Gry na PC

Tomb Raider Collection

Tomb Raider Collection
Mac OS X (Intel CXSkin) | English | Eidos Interactive | Core Design | 2.12 GB
Genre: Action | Adventure

This pack contains OSX ports of the original Tomb Raider + expansion Unfinished Business as well as the sequels Tomb Raider 2, 3 and 5.
Tomb Raider 2: In part 2 of the Tomb Raider series Lara Croft searches for the dagger of Xian. Her travel starts at the chinese wall and continues over various places on earth. But she is not alone, for there are other ones who also want the dagger. Not many new features, Lara can do some new moves, drive various vehicles and use new weapons. The game now also supports 3D graphic cards.
Tomb Raider 3: Past, present, everytime plays its role, and today Lara plays hers. Deadly and beautiful as ever, shell give you the adventure of all times. Be careful about each level, cuz this time end can be reached on many paths, so be sure to check the right one, and not miss the great adventure. Third installment of a series gently follows its predecessors with no much differences in anything whatsoever, but that wont stop Lara Croft fans to enjoy for the third time as well.

Tomb Raider Chronicles: Just when the world had come to agree that Lara is finally a thing of the past, along comes a new collection of levels for our lovely Lara Croft to tackle. Each of the four chapters center around a different area of Laras past, from the very start of her life (as a teen raider!!) to just before her death. Chronicles also includes a level editor, allowing the player to create new Tombs for Lara to raid.

Set resolution is 1280x800. Other widescreen resolutions are supported. CD check has been compromised. Cutscenes are fully working Nothing was ripped. Multiplayer has not been tested.

TR Chronicles crashing is most likely related to the default resolution being set too high.
open the app package and open user.reg in /Contents/root/ with TextEdit look for this line:

[Software\\Core Design\\Tomb Raider Chronicles\\System]

below that you will find the VMode value change it to VMode=dword:00000006
which is the equivalent to 1024x768 that should work on all displays.

dword:00000007 would be 1280x800
hope that helps same applies to the other Tomb Raider games if you want to change res manually.

Known Issues:

Please note that this game has not been tested on Macs with GMA 950 chipsets but is likely to work.


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