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The Experiment (2008/ENG/RIP by RAS)

The Experiment (2008/ENG/RIP by RAS)
English | PC | Developer: Developer : Lexis Numérique | Publisher: Publisher : The Adventure Company | 912 Mb
Genre : Arcade (Adventure / Horror) / 3D / 3rd person

A mysterious room with a huge number of monitors that displays the images from multiple cameras located in uncharted scientific station. On one panel you find the woman. A woman named Lea Nichols (Lea Nichols) and she needs your help ...
In the same way as you need her help - the room is closed, and the only chance of escape - save Leia. In this case you can not control her directly, but can only give hints, glancing at the monitors, multiple sensors and devices, as well as looking carefully at the behavior of the heroine. Have to work not only to guard, but also a psychologist, rescuing Leia from the panic and help them make the right decisions.

- First and Main - indirect control, to which we more or less accustomed to strategies such as Evil Genius and Dungeon Keeper Hassabisa from Demis (Demis Hassabis) and Peter Molyneux (Peter Molyneux), respectively, but not in the adventure game, to also developed little-known studios. French this fact, however, does not bother

System requirements:
- Operating system: Microsoft Windows XP / Windows Vista
- Processor: Intel Pentium 4 1.5 GHz or equivalent AMD Athlon
- Memory: 512 MB
- Video: 3D-graphics adapter with 128 MB of memory, compatible with DirectX 9.0 and supports Pixel Shader 1.1 (Nvidia GeForce 4 or better)
- Sound: Sound card compatible with DirectX 9.0c
- Free hard drive space: 1.5 GB
- Additional software: DirectX 9.0c
- Controls: A keyboard and mouse

Features RIP'a:
- For the basis the original version of the game
- Cut videos and all languages ​​except English (voice interface and English)
- Nothing is converted
- Installation takes 15-20 minutes
- Author rip - RAS

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