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Data: 26 Marzec 2011
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Alexander the Great 2011

Alexander the Great 2011 | 1.03GB
PC Game | Producer/Developer: Game Factory Interative, World forge | Language: English
Genre: Strategy

Alexander the Great 2011

Upon the death of Philip the II, the kingdoms surrounding Macedonia refused to accept the authority of his young successor. Alexander was treated as a child. How wrong they were, Alexander did not prove himself as a weak link in the dynasty. He seized power with fire and raw steel. Within just two years of his ascendancy Alexander conquered the lands of Greece and continued his conquest to the East. The unshakable Persian Empire, conceited Egypt and aggressive India all perished in fire as the great Alexander marched through. In the latest game from Game Factory Interactive and World Forge you play the role of Alexander the Great and take the might of Macedonia to a new level of greatness.

The global map is the key element of strategy. The player chooses the territory that he/she wants to conquer, develops his/her own strategy, conducts battle and observes the result of the chosen actions. All maneuvers made by the player are reflected on the global map.

Game Features:

* Interactive global map for mission selection and strategy selection
* Trophy collections: the player has a chance to acquire weapons, vehicles and resources by taking them directly from the battle fields
* The player has control over soldier training and as well as the ability to rearm troops during battles
* Non-linear gameplay. The player has the ability to choose the sequence of the missions he/she is completing, which directly effects perks of the warriors, the availability of territories and lands to conquer

System requirements

* Pentium 2 GHz and higher
* 1 GB RAM
* Video card 256 MB supporting DirectX 9.0c
* 2 GB Free HD space
* Direct X 9.0c compatible sound card
* Keyboard, mouse

Alexander the Great 2011

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