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Stronghold (2005-2007) 4 in 1 ENG

Stronghold (2005-2007) 4 in 1 ENG

Genre: Real-time strategy, economic simulator
Developer: FireFly Studios
Year: 2005-2007
Language (localization): the Russian text, English voice

Stronghold: My house - my fortress. Evergreen ambition descendants of Anglo-Saxons became a reality in the game Stronghold, representing a combination of the best elements of real-time strategy, "urban" simulator and economic RTS. Become a hope and a pillar of medieval England - build your castle and combine disparate peoples around him.
All the action revolves around a Stronghold in the castle. It must build, build the economy, create favorable conditions for living, working citizens and ensure their protection. Each of the three elements - the construction, management and protection - is equally important in the game and requires careful preparation.
In Stronghold, as well as in the real world, actively manifests the human factor, so take care of their popularity in advance. It directly affects the number of farmers willing to work for you, and hence on population and development of handicrafts.
Battles take place in real time. Most of the time will go on defense, but the game provides the mission, during which the player must go on the offensive and seize the fortress of the enemy.

Stronghold Crusader: - a long-awaited sequel of the famous bestseller STRONGHOLD. This is a game that combines the advantages of real-time strategy and planning simulator.
Talented generals and brave knights! You are waiting for the hot sands of Palestine and the Arab impregnable fortress. Next, a crusade not wait! If you are attracted by the mysterious and enigmatic atmosphere of the East, stand under the banner of Islam and protect native lands from European invaders!

Stronghold 2: The long-awaited continuation of a unique series of games, which successfully combines real-time strategy with an economic simulator. Waiting for you a fascinating journey into the dark and brutal Middle Ages - in times of riots and wars, when power-hungry feudal lords fought hard against each other for power over good old England, suddenly have lost the legitimate king. Take the reins of government one of the remote provinces, and walk the path of an unknown knight to the famous general, who returned to the country of law and order!

Stronghold Legends: Three mighty heroes, the three deadly army. Powerful magic against the ruthless steel. A totally new experience strategy game series from the creators of Stronghold.
Play as 3 legendary heroes: Command King Arthur and his Knights of the Round Table; fight for Siegfried against the Giants, find a frightening truth about Vlad piercing - the real story of Dracula.

Game Features
- Medieval life in the most minute detail: you will be present at banquets and jousting tournaments, as well as be able to watch the routine cares living in your city inhabitants.
- These medieval war: the siege and storming castles, using a variety of siege and defensive weapons. Check the building on the strength of the enemy, firing it from a catapult. Defeat an army of knights, storming your fortress, the enemy doused with boiling oil!
- A comprehensive economic model with dozens of resources and production chains.
- Multiple game modes: the military campaign was "The Forgotten King" peace campaign "The burden of the Tsar," "free construction" and "The Siege", as well as special treatment "Battle for the crown" with flexible options for playing against the computer.
- Built-in map editor.

System requirements
- Pentium III / Athlon 1 GHz
- 256 MB of memory
- 3D-accelerator with 32 MB of memory

- Pentium 4/Athlon XP 1.8 GHz
- 512 MB of memory
- 3D-accelerator with 64 MB of memory

Stronghold (2005-2007) 4 in 1 ENG

Stronghold (2005-2007) 4 in 1 ENG

Stronghold (2005-2007) 4 in 1 ENG

Stronghold (2005-2007) 4 in 1 ENG

Stronghold (2005-2007) 4 in 1 ENG

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