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Diablo (1996) patch 1.09

Diablo (1996) patch 1.09

Genre: RPG (Rogue / Action) / Isometric
Released: 1996
Developer: Blizzard North
Publisher: Blizzard Entertainment
Language (localizer): English (original)

On the one hand, the game strictly follows the canons of role-playing games: the player chooses one of three standard characters (warrior, tramp, a magician), and then descends into the dungeon in order to cleanse it from evil creatures. It performs various tasks, find magic items, better weapons and armor, as they are received experience points to the next level (of development) and an opportunity to improve their personal characteristics and additional skills.
On the other hand, graphics, monsters, story, video clips, a variety of weapons, armor and spells attracted a large number of players who have not liked role-playing games, especially fans of the genre Action, because, unlike their predecessors Blizzard focused on the combat system, not advenchurnym elements and dialogue.
In addition, the armor and weapons that the player, are distributed randomly. In fact, the player gets a chance to discover a powerful and unique weapon or armor with the discovery of any chest or killing any monster. Likewise, randomly determines the number of varieties of monsters, with which the player will meet in the game, and this number is always less than the number of developers invented enemies. Furthermore, randomly selected and the job awarded to the player. Also randomly selected card levels. As a result, at each repetition, he gets a new game.

System requirements:
CPU: Pentium 60 MHz
cinglpleer: 8 MB
Multiplayer: 16 MB
SVGA video card

In the release:
* Disk image with the original game in English
* Patch 1.9

Diablo (1996) patch 1.09

Diablo (1996) patch 1.09

Diablo (1996) patch 1.09

Diablo (1996) patch 1.09

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