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Cossacks - Imperia (2006) ENG

Cossacks - Imperia (2006) ENG

Category: Games for PC
Genre: Strategy
Developer: GSC / Internetwars
Publisher: Russobit M

The creators call their game "empire." But it would suit Cossacks-3. Here and in the 19 century, and a powerful new AI, and new units
Somehow defer due - this MOU would never have come if the firm founder has not given into the hands of its developers the necessary codes to the game, without which the emergence of "Empire" would have been impossible. As one of the creators of "Empire" AWAR, "Initially we just improved AI, a little mop-up" Cossacks, "and then we realized that we can much more. ... Create a true addon"
The creation of "Empire" with its authors took 2 years, and it can greatly offset the stagnation unfairly comprehended the main creators of the creation of "Cossacks."
We are pleased to present to you this work, to meet for more than just a mod called.

* Three Ages 17,18,19. 19y age 9 th, the era of the Napoleonic wars, with its uniforms and units.
* Completely redesigned psychology, strategy and tactics of the computer opponent-AI. In the game there are 5 types of AI. In the face of the computer, you now have a ruthless enemy, who skillfully attacked, brutally occupying your possessions, and then systematically destroying them.
* 20 countries and 4 types of settlements. However, only 13 - are available in the base game, the rest - in the old mission to "Cossacks." ("Villages" are not full-fledged playable nation.)
* 30 additional units from the first and only official fashion to the "Cossacks." For the 19 th century, created 46 new units.
* New option "game-changing alliances."

This is a separate addon, original not required)
From himself:
Graphics years, but many started with her. Game for the fans)

System requirements:
System: Win 95 OSR2/2000/XP
Processor: P2-350
Memory: 64 Mb RAM
Video Card: DirectX compatible video card and monitor support resolution of 1024x768,
Sound: Windows-compatible
Hard disk: 700 Mb free disk space

Cossacks - Imperia (2006) ENG

Cossacks - Imperia (2006) ENG

Cossacks - Imperia (2006) ENG

Cossacks - Imperia (2006) ENG

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