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Trackmania United (2006)

Trackmania United (2006)

Genre: Arcade / Racing (Cars) / Logic (Puzzle) / 3D
Released: 2006
Developer: Nadeo
Publisher: Focus Home Interactive
Language (localizer): English (original) / Russian (Buka Entertainment)

TrackMania United - a complete collection in the universe TrackMania, which includes all the games and supplements issued to date. The company Nadeo announced a new online functionality TrackMania United, which will allow players to communicate directly with their creations within the game. Each player will be available to a personal volume of online access to which will be carried out directly from the game with a password. Using a personal amount of free space for personal purposes, you can upload to download their tracks, cars, videos and other materials. Moreover, the game will be cash, Coppers, for that and will continue the purchase process. By the way, Coppers can be earned, not just selling their creations, as well as earning a gold in the championship, or setting a record lap in a single game.
If TrackMania Nations became a mega-fun for a very long time for fans of the game and not just something TrackMania United again going to raise the bar for playability on another level, offering a number of interesting innovations and, of course, breathtaking speed

* TrackMania United - allows you to take a fresh look at each of the worlds presented in the previous games in the series: "TrekManiyať, TrackMania Sunrise and TrackMania Nations.
* In game implemented all the latest developments in online games, including additional services and tools within the game itself, and beyond.
* High-tech graphics, adapted to the capabilities of any computer.
* Users of previous versions can move his record to a new game with the conservation of points and statistics.
* PartiCENZURAte in the traditional network for a series of crazy events.
* Now you can not only create their own routes and coloring machines, but also the machines and import them into the game, as well as create their own sets of textures and drastically change the already finished tracks!

System requirements:

Pentium III / Athlon 800 MHz
256 MB
3D-accelerator with 64 MB of memory
1200 MB hard drive
Pentium 4/Athlon XP 1.5 GHz
512 MB
3D-accelerator with 128 MB of memory
1200 MB hard drive

Features of Release:
1. Mount the image.
2. Install the game.
3. Install the patch (tmunited_dvd_patch_2006-12-15_setup.exe).
4. Install the crack (TrackMania_United_Rus_Text.exe).
5. Enter the serial number from (serials.txt).
6. Copy the contents of the folder Crack (in the image) in the game folder.
7. Play!

Trackmania United (2006)

Trackmania United (2006)

Trackmania United (2006)

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