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Data: 18 Marzec 2011
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[PC] Sexy Beach 3 Package + 6 official Addons - ENG

[PC] Sexy Beach 3 Package + 6 official Addons - ENG | 3 GB

Was the third Japanese "I-take-you-on-beach" game. On an island paradise "Sexy Beach" vacation girls from different games (Biko 2, Desblood 4, Battle Raper) they are very tired of the battles, but always glad to get acquainted with a new guy who came to rest on the island, too, that you and she will for a weeks to care for each of the girls. Girls, of course, improve professional skills.

They ... You see, they blush. The cheeks are covered with a delicate blush of red sponge extends moan, back bends ... further and say shame, what a disgrace. In addition, Wives looking sternly into the camera, watching her with her eyes. Oh, these views, these sighs, legs, tummies, backs, hands and ears like a cat ... None of the erotic games that never was, nor in the foreseeable future will not be. Graphics - Full 3D.

A short list of highlights:
- New graphics as characters and locations.
- Improved animations you know what. Is the effect of operating time, received Oppai 2.
- Improved facial expressions.
- Ladies are now tan. And if some part of the body was covered by a bathing suit, there are white spots. In the truest sense. However, in a figurative, too. Investigate them will help us to the fact that touch is now possible to anywhere in the body, and not only to certain "hot spots".
- You can use various creams, which after rubbing the skin is oily.

All six official Addons
English patch (including addons)
English Story Line
English Launcher
Uncensored Patch
SB Wizard (For simple add of addon)
Additional costumes

If you like this game,please buy it license version!support developers;)

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