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Data: 18 Marzec 2011
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[PC] Castle Fantasia 2 Renewal - ENG

[PC] Castle Fantasia 2 Renewal - ENG | 1,76 GB

Action game is set 500 years after Part I.History tells about the war ... and again about the war of good (great priest) and evil (Satan)In this story of a boy who mingled and destined to take part in the war and assistance in the war gave him two beauties who must defend and obey the commander.This is the story of Hewie, a military commander working for the Injellan army during a war with the Rusherian republic (which they call the empire of evil).Having been pushed to the role of the commander of the 7th holy corps, even though he really dosen't want to (he appears very lazy at the start of the game, later you find out why) he meets with the new recruits, including your overzealous sergeant Aria and the childish Hannah.

Later on, Injella sends new recruits (Tia& much later Ciruela) and the unit is completed with tag-alongs like the borderland witch Cecile and the "robin-hood like" bandit leader Renoir.I'm not going to spoil the main story but Hewie goes from pest, to something else As his sergeant Aria says "He might be a useless slob, but he's unmatched when it comes to tricking people"

Half the game plays like a regular Visual Novel, you read trough the story and make periodical choices orienting the game, and the ending.The game has multiple endings,one for each female character you can fall in love with, this part is fairly standard.The combat part however is very well done, battles play out "Final Fantasy tactics" style, on a isometric square grid.All units are different and have different strength and weaknesses.The combat system is fully fledged, including limit breaks and full spellbooks for offensive and healing magics.There's a level-up system so your soldiers gets stronger with time.It's on-par with non-hgames tactical RPG's

If you like this game,please buy it license version!support developers;)

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