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Batman: Vengeance (2002)

Batman: Vengeance (2002)

Genre: Action (Shooter) / 3D / 3rd Person
Released: 2002
Developer: Ubi Soft Shanghai
Publisher: Ubi Soft Entertainment
Language (localizer): English (original) / Russian (Russobit-M - text)

Wicked Joker plans new villainy. The first thing to get rid of a blood enemy - Batman. And, apparently, he does not avoid the trap, this time should not be a misfire - but ... The fate of administered differently. The trap works against the Joker. Accidental explosion occurs that saves the life of Batman. Joker disappears in the fire, and, apparently, the evil is over. But it soon appears that his death was only a hoax. The offender is alive and is going to destroy the entire city ...
Here such here nehily prehistory to the next part of the game about modern superhero - Batman. For those who have never heard this name, I will explain: Batman - a superhero (the man - a bat), who lives in Gotem - a city that is filled with scoundrels, hungry for total power. To deal with them will have our bat in the arsenal which has weapons and supplies for all occasions.

Game Features
In Batman Vengeance, developers have tried to implement everything genres that came to him to mind: rpg-shooter, fighting, puzzle! The player will have to study thoroughly the street, underground, sewer and skyscrapers of Gotham and kill not one hundred enemies. Often have to stop and frantically through all the weird gadgets Batman to overcome another obstacle, a "brand" guns superhero certainly make a lasting impression on fans of vivid special effects. But you have to stop not only to examine its arsenal, but then to solve ingenious puzzles. So if you think that Batman Vengeance - is child's play, then you are deeply mistaken. For here all the landscapes, all heroes are made in fairly bleak terms, and the brutality of some scenes, such as the death of the Joker, can cause an attack in people with mental disorders.

System requirements:
-OS: Windows Xp/98/2000
-CPU: Pentium 400 MHz
-RAM: 128 MB
-SOUND: With support for Directx
-HDD: 750 MB

-OS: Windows Xp/98/2000
-CPU: Pentium III 600 MHz
-RAM: 128 MB
-SOUND: With support for Directx
-HDD: 750 MB

Game Version: 1.2

1. Cmontirovat image in Daemon Tools.
2. Install the game.
3. Play.

Batman: Vengeance (2002)

Batman: Vengeance (2002)

Batman: Vengeance (2002)

Batman: Vengeance (2002)

Batman: Vengeance (2002)

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