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The Neverhood (1996)

The Neverhood (1996)

Genre: Adventure / Logic (Puzzle)
Released: 1996
Developer: Neverhood, The and DreamWorks Interactive
Publisher: Microsoft
Language (localizer): English (original)

"A strange quest than The Neverhood, I do not ever meet. Understand it is difficult to understand until the end - it is impossible. I must confess, had the impression that the authors do not understand it, about what they were doing the quest. It is because of Because of that he became popular. It was an unusual, bright and memorable. The set of interpretations led to a heap of rumors. Kucha rumors spawned hundreds of fan sites. Kucha fa ... - well, you get more. This chain is continuous, and that the game was subsequently reissued on CD, talks about very much. But even that unusual projects to buy, despite the outdated graphics engine!
The Neverhood stuff is made of plasticine. Interestingly, and would be playing the same success, whether she drew a quest? "
"The best computer gamesť š 4 (41) April 2005 / Games, gone down in history

Game Features
- The star game
- Cimpatichnaya plasticine graphics
- Serious addiction and a variety of puzzles - just this game and fell in love with thousands of players from all over the world.

In the distribution there is an original version of the game The Neverhood and a patch that eliminates a problem with display of colors on Win Vista/Se7en

System requirements:
-OS: Windows 98/XP/Vista/Se7en
-CPU: Pentium 75 MHz
-RAM: 8 MB
-SOUND: 8-bit sound card
-HDD: 10 MB

-OS: Windows 98/XP/Vista/Se7en
-CPU: Pentium 75 MHz
-RAM: 16 MB
-SOUND: 16-bit sound card
-HDD: 10 MB

Game Version:

1. Mount image in DT.
2. Install the game.
3. We put a patch for Vista/Se7en

Installing the patch
1) Unzip the file "WAVistaWin7.exe" from the archive to the game directory (for example, "*: \ Program Files (x86) \ DreamWorks Interactive \ Neverhood".
2) Rename the "nhc.exe" in "wa.exe" (in game directory).
3) Right-click on the "wa.exe and select" Properties. "
4) Click the "Compatibility".
5) Put a checkmark in the "Run this program in compatibility mode for:" and select "Windows 95".
6) Put a checkmark in "Use 256 Colors."
7) Click "Ok" to close the Properties window.
8) Always run the game through "WAVistaWin7.exe"!

The Neverhood (1996)

The Neverhood (1996)

The Neverhood (1996)

The Neverhood (1996)

The Neverhood (1996)

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