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Zoo Tycoon Complete Collection (2003)

Zoo Tycoon Complete Collection (2003)

Genre: Strategy (Manage / Busin. / Real-time) / Isometric / Compilation
Released: 2003
Developer: Blue Fang Games
Publisher: Microsoft
Language (localizer): English (Original)

The game combines three well-known product of a series of Zoo Tycoon, including a original game Zoo Tycoon, and two additions to it: The Dinosaur Digs and Marine Mania. The possibilities of this, has incorporated as many as three games, the project is really wide. The player will provide and protect - and, of course, to show visitors to your zoo more than a hundred animals, among which are land mammals, the inhabitants of ponds, and even prehistoric animals that were not found in any real menagerie.
For a particularly sophisticated zoomagnatov in the game there is a special supplement Endangered Species Theme Pack. This supplement contains dozens of rare, listed in the "Red Book" animals, which included new conditions, and for whom, of course, care is particularly difficult. The game also has 3 new scenarios designed for people who have experience in the breeding of virtual animals.
In my opinion, one of the best tycoon.

Game Features
- Build your zoo and run it, not forgetting to take care of the animals comfort and contentment of visitors. A unique opportunity to be present Zoomagnatom.
- A huge number of animals, from lions, tigers, and bears to elephants, cheetahs, penguins and camels.
- Full freedom in designing and construction of the zoo for animal shelters - at your disposal more than 175 types of building materials alone.
- At your servants interesting tutorial - learn how to play, taking pleasure from learning already.
- Create the perfect zoo, with a properly chosen and organized by staff - and enjoy watching how the increasing number of visitors, as incomes rise.

Description Additions
Zoo Tycoon: The Dinosaur Digs (Prehistoric animals)
- More than 20 dinosaurs, including Tireksa, Velociraptor and saber-toothed tiger.
- Prehistoric objects of the landscape and special facilities to ensure the safety of visitors. Electrified fence will not let the dinosaurs eat your clients.
- Special researchers - scientists, helping you to understand what they want the same prehistoric reptiles.
- Six new scenarios

Marine Mania (Sea animals)
- Whales and sharks to your menagerie!
- 24 aquatic animals, including dolphins, intellectuals, the giant squid, killer whales and great white shark.
- New building materials to decorate your zoo! - Build everything you need and act out the visitors present water show!
- Update of gameplay - Sea creatures - very original animals, requires attention to the temperature of the water in which they are located, as well as the level of salinity of this water.
- Increase the chances of a player - you can even pick up and move the visitors to your zoo!

System requirements:
-OS: Windows 95, 98, 2000, Me or XP (performance on Vista, and Se7en confirmed)
-CPU: CPU with a clock speed of at least 233 MHz
-VIDEO: DirectX-compatible video card with 4 MB of memory
-RAM: 32 MB
-SOUND: Sound card
-HDD: 600 MB

-OS: Windows 95, 98, 2000, Me or XP (performance on Vista, and Se7en confirmed)
-CPU: CPU with a clock speed of at least 300 MHz
-VIDEO: DirectX-compatible video card with 16 MB of memory
-RAM: 128 MB
-SOUND: Sound card
-HDD: 600 MB

Game Version: 12.4.

1. Mount image in DT.
2. Install the game from disk 1 (During installation you will be shown the basics).
3. Install Disk 2.
4. Copy the tablet from the folder "srack in the game folder.
5. Play.

Zoo Tycoon Complete Collection (2003)

Zoo Tycoon Complete Collection (2003)

Zoo Tycoon Complete Collection (2003)

Zoo Tycoon Complete Collection (2003)

Zoo Tycoon Complete Collection (2003)

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