Data: 5 Marzec 2011
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Xtreme Air Racing

Xtreme Air Racing
PC Game | 559.87 MB

Xtreme Air Racing is an innovative and exciting cross-genre game that should keep computer-game pilots and racers busy for a good long while.R.A. "Bob" Hoover's "Extreme Air Racing"Have you ever ventured to Stead Field just north of Reno, Nevada, on the second weekend in September* If not, you've missed the "World's Fastest Motor Sport." Yes, the International Air Races where vintage WWII fighter aircraft perform knife-edge passes around the pylons of the desert track, many times no more than 75-100 feet off the ground! If you've ever sat in the grandstands at Reno, you know about the "chest pounding" you experience as those powerful radial engines sweep past you, crossing the Start/Finish Line.
Ever wanted to pilot one of those aircraft* Ever wanted to see what the top speed is as you shoot down the "Valley of Speed" at weed-top level* Now's you chance.
Extreme Air Racing comes with no protection. Simply mount the downloaded ISO and install.
It's that simple. Get familiar with the aircraft and then, wait for those words that make the Adrinaline pump kick into high gear when you hear "Gentlemen, you have a race!" Dive to Pylon #1 and your're off and running.
I've always enjoyed this game and it's workable on Win 95/98/ME/2000/and XP.

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