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Fallout 2 (Pre-Patched & Portable)

Fallout 2 (Pre-Patched & Portable)

I know there are a bunch of other Fallout, but none seemed to be pre-patched & intended for play on a portable hard drive or thumb
I gave the second game the same treatment I gave the first, and here it is, fully patched, and usable on portable hard drives or
thumb drives.

Install Note:
One modification is needed to get this to work as perfect as it's going to get.
The fallout2.cfg file in the main directory needs to have the paths modified for the device you use this on, wether it be a directory
on a regular hard drive, thumb drive, etc.
This may seem obvious enough, but if it is a portable drive, make sure the drive letter matches the device order on the machine you
intend to play on.
(i.e. If at home it's seen as E:/, but at work/school it's G:/, use G)
Then you should be good to go.

Patches included in this pack:
Official US Patch v1.02
Killap's Unofficial Fallout 2 Patch
High Resolution Patch 2.3
Encounter Booster (optional)

Enjoy your apocalypse... Again!

Fallout 2 (Pre-Patched & Portable)

Fallout 2 (Pre-Patched & Portable)

Fallout 2 (Pre-Patched & Portable)

Fallout 2 (Pre-Patched & Portable)

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