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Autor: sarthy
Data: 25 Luty 2011
Kategoria: GRY » Gry na PC

True Crime - Dilogy RePack by MOP030B

True Crime - Dilogy RePack by MOP030B

True Crime - Streets of LA:
Los Angeles. Stretching does not tens of kilometers Glorious City of Angels - a metropolis, full of everything a person could imagine. City of joy, and three hundred days of sunshine a year, the city of the warm sea, white sand, green palm trees, blue sky and beautiful sun-tanned girls. The city, which is sold every minute of five doses of heroin, in which every few seconds to a crime, the city where you can kill for three dollars and half a bottle of whiskey, which drove out of ignorance in the wrong area of the tourists are afraid to stop at traffic lights, and those who stopped - and then very sorry about his decision.
City, different, like no other on this planet. Welcome. You now live here.
• True Crime. Streets of LA - a new 3D action, where you will play the role of Nick Kang - a former cop, who returned to the service at the request of the chief of local police. The purpose of a young man full of ambition, and prone to non-standard (for police) methods of investigation - to end the outrage of several street gangs and to find his father.
• You are waiting for the numerous car chases and bloody shootouts, cruel melee and the aching heart of a sense of freedom for dozens of square kilometers of detail modeled streets of Los Angeles.
• When working on a game attended by a lot of cult hip-hop groups: in True Crime. Streets of LA presents 50 original compositions such idols of youth, such as Snoop Dogg, Westside Connection, Coolio, Damizza, Suga Free, Warren G. and others.

True Crime - New York City:
Welcome to New York where you will find almost unlimited power over the streets of the Big Apple. Because you - Marcus Reed, a former criminal, now a cop, uses his powers for what would have to find and destroy the murderer of his mentor, but at the same time to clear debris from the Society of New York neighborhoods from Harlem to Chinatown. Secret investigation will lead Marcus web of lies and criminality, out of which he can only surviving in the fight against street gangs, their own past and all that oppose him the city.

• Real life street cops: catch criminals, hunt down and destroy the gangs, kidnap, extort, interrogate, Bring justice by any means!
• New York in the game is an exact copy of this New York City. The city is divided into areas with different levels of crime and its dynamics.
• Interactive game environment: each quarter of the city, including streets, buildings and their inhabitants, reacts to your actions and change over time.
• Incredible shooting at full speed: Use a variety of vehicles such as motorcycles or sports cars, the crazy chases and shootouts in the streets of New York.
• Realistic combat system: instantly change your style from street fighting to one of the martial arts, using an array of possible strategies in a collision with an opponent.
• You can use a special police weapons or melee weapons such as swords. Or you can go to the black market and buy a flame thrower or a portable missile launcher.

Minimum System Requirements:
• System: Windows 98/ME/2000/XP
• Processor: Pentium III or Athlon 1 GHz
• Memory: 256 MB
• Video Card: DirectX-compatible video card with 32 MB of memory
• Sound Card: DirectX - compatible sound card
• Hard disk: 2 GB

Features RePack:
• Cut video
• do not recoded
• Automatic installation of additional software
• Setting Time: 10 minutes
• Author RePacka: MOP030B
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