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Autor: BehappyAlf
Data: 24 Luty 2011
Kategoria: GRY » Gry na PC

Might and Magic VI - The Mandate of Heaven

Might and Magic VI - The Mandate of Heaven

The best RPG game of all time!

New World Computing's classic Might and Magic games helped to define the subgenre that grizzled old RPG grognards
now affectionately refer to as "traditional style" role-playing games. All of the previous Might and Magic role-
playing games were set in expansive gaming worlds, filled with exotic locations, tomes of spells, armies of enemy
types, and hoards of magic items. But during the past couple of years, such traditional role-playing games have
been rarer than orcs in Denver. While other gaming companies have shied away from such classic game design, New
World Computing has rebelled against this recent trend by creating a truly addictive role-playing game that is both
faithful to the spirit of the venerable series and innovative in its own right.

The game takes place in the world of Enroth, a setting that will be familiar to veterans of the Heroes of Might and
Magic spin-off strategy games. Good King Roland was apparently victorious in his battles with evil old Archibald,
only to have his united lands fall prey to the ravages of an invasion of devils. When the King disappears after
encountering the devilish horde, the ineffectual child prince Nicolai assumes control of the Kingdom. Your humble
party of four adventurers has the onerous task of gaining the gratitude of the Kingdom's regional leaders,
parlaying with a cryptic, omniscient Oracle in order to unravel the mystery behind Roland's disappearance and,
along the way, carving a destructive path through a hellish legion of enemies. Welcome to the medieval jungle.

As with previous games in the series, Might and Magic VI is a first-person-perspective party-based game. In a minor
break from Might and Magic tradition, all of your characters are human (elves need not apply), and there are only
six available character classes. There are knights, sorcerers, and clerics, which are fairly standard fantasy role-
playing game fare, and paladins (knight/cleric), archers (knight/sorcerer), and druids (sorcerer/cleric), which are
essentially multi-classed derivatives of the initial three classes. While you can choose from a variety of
digitized portraits to represent your characters and tinker with their initial attributes and skills, all of the
character classes are preset. In another break from recent gaming trends, you won't be able to develop characters
that are capable of mastering all trades, as there is a limited number of skills available to each character class.
In other words, don't expect to be parading around with a party of plate armor-clad, halberd-swinging Arch-Mages.

Far more interesting is the game's character development system. Stomping monsters and completing quests will net
your characters experience points. Gain enough experience points, and you'll be able to raise the levels of your
characters, provided that you hook up with a capable trainer and have a few spare coins. With each increase in
level, a character will gain a handful of points that can be used to increase that character's skills. Gain enough
expertise in a particular skill, and you can train to become an expert and then a master in that skill, acquiring
additional abilities in the process. Since there are dozens of quests in the game (most of which have relatively
basic objectives such as, "clear out the evil critter nest/get my shiny bauble back from the evil critter nest"
) and even more monster types to squish (I lost track around 150), you'll be getting a lot of experience points in
this game, which means you'll have plenty of opportunities to allocate skill points to improve your characters.
Complete a few special quests for the ornery Regional Lords, and your characters can be elevated within their
respective classes, from clerics to priests and then high priests, etc. It's an extremely rewarding system, as you
constantly get the opportunity to strengthen your characters, and even late in the game, level advancement is rapi.

Might and Magic VI - The Mandate of Heaven
Might and Magic VI - The Mandate of Heaven
Might and Magic VI - The Mandate of Heaven

Might and Magic VI - The Mandate of Heaven

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