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Stray Souls Dollhouse Story

Stray Souls Dollhouse Story

Welcome to a town where something that should not exist runs free; where a desperate wife will risk her beating heart to find her
husband; and where a terrible secret lies buried behind an orphanage. Search for clues, solve puzzles, and unlock new areas as you
visit spine-chilling locations, play stimulating mini-games and locate hidden objects. The Collector's Edition of Stray Souls comes
with concept art, music, deleted scenes, desktop wallpapers and a shocking
prequel chapter!

General Tips
This hidden object game requires visiting several locations and using inventory items to advance play.
Play is generally non-linear but some areas or tasks must be complete to open another area.
CAPITALIZED inventory items are meant to make it easier to find where this guide may deviate from your own play. Press the Ctrl-F key
combination to search this guide for key words.
There are 36 Beyond objects. These objects transform between another objects (i.e. a hat and a bird's nest). There is no bonus
awarded for finding them, just your own satisfaction. Beyond objects are found only in the main scenes. Every Beyond object is
included in a screenshot and noted in the text.
Inventory items may be carried for several scenes before being used. Some items are automatically added to inventory, others must be
Always move the cursor around a scene. Watch the cursor to see if it changes into a hand or magnifying glass.

Beginning Play:
Profiles – Create or delete player profiles.
Options - Change music and sound effects volume. You may select or deselect full screen and custom cursor play.
Mode - There are two modes of play. You cannot change modes during the game. Should you decide to play in a different mode, you will
need to exit to the main menu and create a new profile.
Casual - The Hint bar recharges in one minute. Interactive areas are highlighted.
Expert - The Hint bar requires two minutes to recharge. Interactive areas are not highlighted.

Diary – The diary contains two sections:
Journal - Contains important information to help explain the story. A glowing diary indicates new information.
Map - Shows your current location (a red arrow) and all active areas. Areas highlighted in green indicate activities are not complete
. A brown area indicates there no current tasks there but the area is not complete. You cannot use the map to change locations.
Menu – Continue, Options, Help or Exit.
Inventory/Item List – A scrollable list of icons showing available items or a list of hidden items to be collected.
Hint/Skip bar – Clicking will show a random item from an itemized list. Hints are not limited. The bar turns into a Skip bar for

Symbol Meanings:
Magnifying Glass – Zoom in on interactive area. Click the "X" or outside the zoom box to exit the area.
Hand - Pick up or move an item.
Glint – Investigate this area.
Glowing - Hidden object area.

Stray Souls Dollhouse Story
Stray Souls Dollhouse Story
Stray Souls Dollhouse Story

Stray Souls Dollhouse Story

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