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Autor: severvel
Data: 17 Luty 2011
Kategoria: GRY » Gry na PC

Killzone 3 PS3-DUPLEX

Killzone 3 PS3-DUPLEX
PlayStation 3 | Developer: Guerrilla Games | External HDD | 41.4 GB |
Ratings: Metacritic: 86 (34 critics)
Genre: First-Person Shooter

Description: Developed by Guerrilla Games, a wholly owned subsidiary of Sony Computer Entertainment Europe, Killzone 3 is the latest title in the Killzone franchise, bringing the most robust first-person shooter experience exclusively for the PlayStation 3 system. Following on the heels of the highly acclaimed Killzone 2, players will once again face the hostile Helghast army, battling overwhelming odds in the fight for human survival. Killzone 3 delivers the definitive cinematic sci-fi war experience with an immersive single-player campaign as well as full featured multiplayer action in the war against the Helghast.
Visari is gone, but the war is far from over. Helghast forces have mounted a devastating counter-attack, prompting the ISA evacuation of planet Helghan. As new Helghast battalions appear with more powerful weapons, ISA forces find themselves outmanned, outgunned and surrounded.

The death of their dictator has left the Helghast Empire in a state of internal struggle. Now, Sev and his comrade Rico are trapped in the cross-fire between the various political factions without any reinforcements and are left to fight alone in order to escape as the ISA struggles to regroup its forces and stop a Helghast invasion of Earth.[4] The game will also give players a deeper look into Helghan culture such as their language and showcase whatever humanity they have left within them.
Killzone 3?s story will also be more light-hearted compared to its predecessor, which Guerrilla felt suffered from an overly serious and dark story which was one of the major complaints of the original, though they mentioned that it would not be too light-hearted as it is still a war. In addition, Guerrilla Games has hired an external writer to focus on only writing the storyline so as to give a fresh perspective to the story as well as hiring a lot more Hollywood actors to elevate the level of storytelling within the dialogue of the game.

- Epic single player campaign with a gripping storyline and intense action
- Battle your way through huge, diverse environments from alien jungles to harsh arctic vistas shown in incredible graphic detail
- Face off against new, relentless Helghast enemies armed with more powerful weapons and abilities
- Full 3D compatibility takes immersion to new heights, delivering a “boots-on-the-ground” experience like no other
- Award-winning multiplayer mode returns, with more innovative game modes and better ways to enjoy the game with your friends
- New brutal melee system lets you get “up close and personal” with Helghast enemies for even more intense combat
- Increased vehicle gameplay, including aerial combat action with ISA Intruders and jet packs

Killzone 3 PS3-DUPLEX

Killzone 3 PS3-DUPLEX

Killzone 3 PS3-DUPLEX

Download (Filesonic)

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