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Data: 10 Luty 2011
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Half-Life II: The Revolution Garrys Mod (2011/ENG/RePack)

Year: 2011
Genre: First-Person Shooter
Developer: Team Garry
Publisher: Valve
Platform: PC
Language: English
Voice Language: English + Russian
Size: 7,3 Gb

Garry's Mod or GMod - a modification for the first-person shooter Half-Life 2. It is a physical sandbox, which allows the player to manipulate objects and experiment with physics, realism, which provides engine Source. This mod was created to demonstrate the vast possibilities of the engine Source, which restricts the freedom of the players only by their own imagination.

With Garry's Mod can carry out any action with objects and characters from games on the engine Source (CS: S, TF2, HL2 and other games from Valve), for example, to change the texture, resize, copy, merge, blow up, tie the wheel to change facial expressions of characters, etc. The modification gives the player a huge scope for creativity. Also provides several modes of network game modes: the game of football with gravipushki, shooting a laser hunting of birds (some players are playing for hunters, others - for the birds), the race for watermelons, etc. (These modes are available by default only in Garry's Mod 9, in Garry's Mod 10 by default are only available mode "sandbox" and the so-called regime Fretta which provides modernization familiar with the language LUA use this mode as the base (before the second standard mode was watermelon races but it was removed due to its unpopularity) other modes are available as add-ons).

Garry's mod Client 2.0:
The software updater client game developed by a team site in order to make life easier for the user is not licensed versions igry.Obratite note that all updates are adjusted only at the assembly site: The Revolution garry's mod
You can also put this program on a different build but when you do not have a problem who will not help.
Attention to complete given the already customized version for The Revolution garry's mod.

Features of this release:
- Delete the file library of Linux and Mac
- Faster downloads
- Automatic Updates
- Servers in favorites (updated)
- Integrated chat to communicate Players
- Work multiplayer (server is not looking for but is compromised)
- Reworked the game menu
- Using a library of original game gcf
- All content is available for the garry's mod
- The game is updated to the latest version
- New Content for 2011
- Added Garry's mod client 2.0 to update the game
- Content strongly compressed
- Each gcf packaged in a separate archive for users.

Minimum system requirements:
- System: Windows ® 7/Vista/XP/2000
- Processor: Pentium 4 (3.0 GHz or better)
- Memory: 1 GB
- Video: DirectX ® 9,
- Other: Mouse, Keyboard, Internet Connection.

Half-Life II: The Revolution Garrys Mod (2011/ENG/RePack)

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