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Autor: BehappyAlf
Data: 8 Luty 2011
Kategoria: GRY » Gry na PC

PC Game - Sim City 4000 Deluxe Edition (serial)

PC Game - Sim City 4000 Deluxe Edition (serial)

PC Game | English | Construction and management simulation, city-building | 1.23 GB

PC Game - Sim City 4000 Deluxe Edition (serial)

PC Game - Sim City 4000 Deluxe Edition (serial)

PC Game - Sim City 4000 Deluxe Edition (serial)

Long before game designer Will Wright created the best-selling computer game of all time, The Sims, he created SimCity, an innovative
game with a clear, compelling premise: You're the mayor, and your goal is to plan a city from the ground up (and from a godlike
vantage point) and then nurture it, eventually turning what starts as a sleepy little town into a bustling metropolis. SimCity was
challenging and plausibly realistic and even had a surprising amount of humor, especially for a game with a seemingly mundane subject
.About 15 years have passed since the original SimCity was first released, and while the classic SimCity series is still well known
among PC gamers, it has only reached its fourth full installment. And SimCity 4 for the most part isn't a huge departure from its
predecessors, either, not that it really needs to be. The game does have a number of new features and a few additional layers of
depth on top of the preceding SimCity 3000, and its visuals have been impressively overhauled. However, due to the presence of some
stability and performance issues, as well as a few noticeably lacking features, SimCity 4 doesn't seem as polished as it could have
been. On the other hand, it's still a complex and detailed strategy game that can entertain you for hours on end and even teach you a
thing or two.

SimCity 4 is similar to its predecessors, but it offers a number of interesting new features.
One of the biggest changes to the gameplay of SimCity 4 is evident from the start. Immediately as you begin the game, you're
presented with a view of SimNation, though it's not much of a nation at first. SimNation is divided up into numerous smaller square
segments, yet each of these in fact can hold an entire city of your making. These cities can even interact to some extent, exchanging
surplus energy, water, and such for cash. At any rate, getting started is as easy as clicking on any SimNation square, naming your
city, and appointing yourself as mayor, and you're off. But before you begin, you may wish to take the step-by-step tutorials of the
game's mayor mode—the heart of SimCity 4—and the god mode, where you can terraform the land to your heart's content, making the
terrain as flat, as hilly, as undulating, or as improbably strange as you like. It's easy to use the terrain-morphing tools found in
this mode, and while it's perfectly viable to just pick one of the ready-made territories to start your city in, it's tempting and
straightforward to custom-tailor your own.

Its easy:
extract with winrar
burn of Mount with deamon tools litle (included) FREE USE NO PAID USE
Choose your language
Give the serial in.
PC Game - Sim City 4000 Deluxe Edition (serial)

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