Data: 6 Styczeń 2011
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Monopoly Tycoon

Monopoly Tycoon | 50 MB

Monopoly Tycoon introduces the worlds first competitve sim game! Wage an urban turf war one business at a time! Its all the risk taking and deal making of the MONOPOLY game and so much more! Explore the city, identify the populations needs and shamelessly exploit business opportunities to ruin your competitors. Seize opportunities to control entire industries and city districts and navigate the financial pitfalls of this cutthroat dog-eat-dog world. Its up to you to out-maneuver up to five other would-be tycoons determined on bankrupting you. Match wits with cunning AI opponents or tear into family and friends in ruthless multiplayer mode. Watch your profits grow in real-time, in a crushingly competitive, living city. Dont stop until you own it all!


* Build an empire by building businesses, attracting customers, & outwitting your opponents Block by block
* Outbid competitors at property auctions to assemble a business & real-estate juggernaut
* Unleash marketing & advertising campaigns with devastating effect
* Manage each business and attract customers to generate cash
* Buy the electric and water utilities, and keep an eye out for new opportunities

Download Monopoly Tycoon:

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