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Data: 20 Grudzień 2010
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Disciples 3: Resurrection (2010/PC/RePack/RUS)

A new milestone in the history Nevendaar, where the main role will act ruthless and merciless race - hordes of undead. This is a story of selfless love and undying glory in which the deprivation of life, not having lost the ability to feel the heroes heard by a terrible revenge in the name of the goddess of death Mortiz.

[B] Features: [/ b]
# The most antiCENZURAted race - Horde Undead!
# Over 70 hours of gameplay - more than in the previous section!
Scene # 2 character, 4 leading hordes of undead, 2 bosses and more than 50 new units;
# Famous inimitable Gothic atmosphere;
# Ramatichny and exciting script from the author's most successful book series Disciples - ŤPrecious Blood" Catherine Stadnikova

[B] Features repack: [/ b]
-Do not cut / no recoded to a lower bitrate
-Game propadchena to version 1.1
-For unpacking 512 MB RAM
-Installation time - 25 minutes
-Installing additional. Software: DirectX, VcRedist

[B] Requirements: [/ b]
# Operating System Windows Ž XP/Vista/7
# CPU: Pentium 4 - 2.0 GHz
# RAM: 512 MB / 1000 MB
# Video card: GeForce 6800 GT, (128 MB)
# File system: NTFS
# Free hard drive space: 8 GB (10.5 GB during the installation)
Before you install and first start up disable antivirus and Firewall!

[B] Name: [/ b] Disciples 3: Resurrection
[B] Genre: [/ b] Strategy
[B] Language: [/ b] Russian
[B] Year: [/ b] 2010
[B] Developer: [/ b] Techland
[B] Publisher: [/ b]. Dat
[B] Size: [/ b] 3.63 Gb
[B] Platform: [/ b] PC

Disciples 3: Resurrection (2010/PC/RePack/RUS)
Disciples 3: Resurrection (2010/PC/RePack/RUS)
Disciples 3: Resurrection (2010/PC/RePack/RUS)

[B] Download [/ b]
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